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My favourite product this week

Picking a favourite makeup product is hard, but even harder is making sure you’re applying it in the most flattering way possible. Since its officially Friday, this weeks favourite product goes to something old, tried and true to me. The Essence waterproof liquid liner. This liner has actually been my go to liquid liner for… Continue reading My favourite product this week

Daily Life

Daily Life: Blackhawks vs Oilers

I went to my first hockey game yesterday! Actually I surprised Christopher with the tickets to the Oilers vs. Blackhawks game at Rogers Place. to say Chris was pleasantly surprised was an understatement as he showed up to my house decked out in his Blackhawks swag. I ended up getting us tickets in section 213… Continue reading Daily Life: Blackhawks vs Oilers

What's cookin

What’s Cookin’: Sugar Cookies

  Today’s adventure was making cookies. after an debate over what type of cookies to make Chris and I decided on Sugar Cookies. Naturally I had to ask my sister who has her own business (themuffintopbakeshop) for a recipe.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like making cookies because it often turns… Continue reading What’s Cookin’: Sugar Cookies

health and fitness

Health and Fitness: So it begins

Sitting in Dairy Queen on Monday afternoon Chris turns to me as he raises a goopy soon of “Strawberry CheeseQuake” blizzard into his mouth and says “I think I’m quitting dairy again” Back Story needed? Probably. Here you go. Chris was dating this girl who told him what to eat and when to eat it.… Continue reading Health and Fitness: So it begins