I was supposed to be a boy.

At least, my mother was convinced I was going to be a boy when she was pregnant with me. She claimed that I “carried” like a boy, but since I’m the youngest, and I have an older sister, it is reasonable to assume that my mother was simply suffering from a massive case of wishful thinking. Whatever the reasons, my parents were so convinced I was going to be a boy they had even decided on a boy name for me—Daniel Thomas.

But I’m a girl.

My parents, always a frugal , figured, why throw out a perfectly good name just because the gender’s wrong? They put a handy “le” on the end of Daniel, and I’m rather glad they did. I like my name, or at least I realize it could have been much worse. They could have been planning on calling me Ralph or something. Not much you can do with Ralph.

So I am Danielle.My middle name ended up being Victoria- Named after a Soap Opera Character my mom fancied. I was born on August 20th 1993 to two folks in Edmonton, Alberta. I’m a completely mixed personality of a neurotic introvert and a psychotic extrovert. I am a makeup, and fashion enthusiast as well as studying to be a Primary Care Paramedic. Overall I’m a complicated person in the most simple of ways. I love anything unique even if it defines the term boring.I love living, failing, learning and getting up to figure everything out one step at a time.