The V-DAY guide to gifting: Lush

The first V-Day gift guide was awesome! I had a lot of fun writing it out, searching for products and making it my own all while trying to genuinely recommend some gifts that ladies everywhere would love. Girls are awesome because you can really pick up any item or walk into any store and find a gift that would work for them. I really thought out today’s gift guide and picked products that would help your lady look and feel radiant. I also wanted to incorporate some cheaper items into the gift guide that could be an add on to your already purchased gift, or something romantic to share together. So lets get started!

Today’s gift guide is Lush!

Lush is a difficult store to deal with, its usually cramped inside as their locations are tiny and there is usually 40+ people trying to cram their way into the store. It makes for a hassle especially around the holidays. Its always a good idea to look up what you are interested in online or venture to your local lush on a weekday afternoon before 3 where you can usually have a 1 on 1 time with a sales associate. Sales associates here are sometimes overwhelming but if you know what your girlfriend/wife likes then you shouldn’t have a problem. Like I said in my last guide, the sales associates here will sell you everything they possibly can, a goat and the deed to their house if you let them. So keep that in mind when you venture into the store

There’s not a single woman I know who doesn’t like Lush…err. well my mom is one, but that’s besides the point. Women love the sparkly bath bombs, the colorful bubbles and the luxurious massage bars, but in store filled to the brim with products, how could one possible choose! I’ve taken the liberty to narrow it down to 3 products you couldn’t go wrong with!

1.Bath Products

Bath bombs are in, no doubt about it. They’re fizzy, smell delicious, turn the water beautiful colors, and leave your skin feeling soft and touchable. Straight off the Lush website “Settle in for a good soak with an original Lush invention, exploding with essential oils and tons of fizzy fun. Whether you’re after a relaxing, petal-laden floral soak or an invigorating multilayered explosion of color and scent, there’s a bath bomb perfect for every bathing experience.”  You’d be crazy not to pick her up one of these!

Butterball doesn’t color your bath like traditional bath bombs, but it leaves the water frothy and milky, just what dry skin needs, especially in the cold winter months.Its filled with coca butter and a delightful vanilla scent. Girls do a number on their skin, from exfoliating to slathering on lotions and potions, pick this one up so your lady can relax and unwind

Sex bomb is one of the number one selling bath bombs from Lush,. Its the number one in romantic baths! It tints the water a shimmery shade of pink and leaves the skin with a hint of jasmine.  Throw in some tea lights and soft music and you have yourself either a great romantic evening with her, or a relaxing pamper night for herself.

Dragons Egg is the ultimate in citrus scents. It features a nice golden shimmer once in the heart of the bomb which is accompanied with multicolor pop rocks to add excitement to the bath all while turning the water a light shade of orange.

 Bubble Bars are another big thing Lush has to offer, the tables are always piled high with these luxurious little bars that will pamper your lady. The nice things about bubble bars is many of them come in a reuseable format or they are large enough to break apart and used for many baths “Frothy and fragrant bubbles are at your fingertips with our bubble bars. Crumble one of these self-preserving bars under running water to reveal heaps of bubbles for a luxurious, inviting bath.”

Frothy and lavender scented bubbles surround the tub when she tosses in the French Kiss bubble bar. This specific bar turns the water an inviting shade of purple and relaxes the mind and body. Its most definitely best to use before bed, just because of the relaxing and calming effect the bar offers.

Sunny Side is a swirl of orange, tangerine and lemon scents and she’ll definitely perk up after using this one. Golden shimmer adorns the outside of this specific bar and leaves the water glimmer with rays of sunshine.

Bubble bars can be reused especially in the case of the Pink Flamingo! Which is a cute idea especially for a gift. I often have “Lush remorse” after using my bubble bars, but the packaging on this is awesome if your lady feels that way too. Quoted from the Lush website, “Sink deep into something more fruity with this cocktail-inspired reusable bubble bar. Filled with fragrant rosewood and sexy ylang ylang, softening cocoa butter and refreshing bergamot to leave you feeling rosy and set the mood for all kinds of nude funtivities. Set it aside after each bath to dry completely so you can use it again and again. Now, let the bubbly flow!” She’ll definitely get more than just one bath out of this one!

2. Body Products

Women like to pamper their skin, from oils, to lotions, to exfoliators, perfume, sparkles, you name it—we have it. Lush offers some awesome products for the body and the good news is they’re all natural. I think she’ll be quite content if you picked her up some things she could pamper the biggest organ with.

The Shimmy massage bar is one of my all time favourite massage bars. Trust me when I say, nobody likes putting on lotion, its tedious. With a massage bar, it takes away from pumping and scooping lotion out of a container and slathering it on the body. I picked the Shimmy bar for this guide because it does exactly that, it adds shimmer to the skin which is beautiful for a night out, or in the summer months.

Sympathy for the skin is a beautiful vanilla and banana scented lotion for dry and chapped skin. I know I just dragged on lotions when discussing the massage bar, but this is a totally awesome lotion to use if you’re a lotion fan. Who knows, your girl might need your help slathering the lotion on her back, and therefore you get to help soothe that dry winter skin. It is an all natural product, so you do have to use it before the expiration date which is sometimes a bummer. I think the vanilla/banana scent makes up for that.

Lastly is the Ocean Salt scrub. Its one of the best scrubs Lush offers in my humble opinion. I got a sample size of this and I think it would make an excellent addition to your Lush Valentines Day gift. I picked the self-preserving tub for this guide because you shouldn’t exfoliate your skin as regularly as you’d apply lotion. She probably only exfoliates once a week so this tub would last her a little bit longer. If your do purchase this product, follow up with a moisturizer right after because the scrubby salt and drying vodka can leave her skin parched after if not treated right.

3. Face Masks

WE LOVE FACE MASKS! How do you think we have such perfect and radiant skin 24/7. Well makeup of course, but under that makeup we have something to protect and nourish, which is why we opt for those face masks. Whether it be a night in pampering herself, or getting ready for that big step with you, your girl will definitely appreciate you gifting her face masks. These specific masks are considered “Fresh” and do not have a long shelf life. I recommend picking up the smallest packaging. Chris and I do face masks, and pore strips together quite often, so here are my top picks for a date night in, where you can pamper each other!

Cup o’ Coffee is a great mask for those mornings where her skin might just need a “pick me up”. It is filled with coffee grounds to buff and polish away that winter skin and make her makeup application a breeze. She can also use this mask for the entire body to make her skin soft and touchable. *Cannot be purchased online, keeps for a short time

Cosmetic warrior is a great mask for her if she suffers from problematic skin. Often with troubled skin, we try to find something that will clear it up as fast as possible, and its usually something that has less than desirable benefits to the skin. Cosmetic Warrior is a gentle mask that will soothe the irritation, tighten the pores and soften skin. Use this one together for an awesome date night!

If your leading lady suffers from oily troubled skin, Cupcake is a mask for her. Makes skin total matte and beautiful and it just a feels amazing. It has a light chocolate fragrance to it which is always a nice treat. *Cannot be purchased online, keeps for a short time

That pretty much sums up the Valentines Day gift guide from Lush. Lush has many many many amazing, vegan and all natural products to try out and I definitely recommend visiting the store and speaking to the associates. Lush is a good alternative for products yourself as well, not only for other people as gifts. If you’re still unsure about giving a Lush gift to your loved one this Valentine’s Day, they do offer some unique gift sets that feature a surprise in every box. Also, if Lush is your go to for gifts, don’t forget to ask for samples. The girls will toss some little sample sized products that make awesome add ones to your gift.



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