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January: Product misses 

As the first month of 2017 comes to a close it’s time for this months product misses. I always hate being hyped for something and being disappointed when it doesn’t perform. That’s just it though, maybe it wasn’t that great of a product to begin with, and the hype built up too much and it couldn’t compete with it. I don’t want to drag a product because it “sucked” I know companies and manufacturers work hard to bring the best products from their minds to me so keep in mind that these products are mentioned because they didn’t work for ME. They might still work for you, so keep an open mind!


I have four products this month that didn’t live up to my expectations. Four is pretty good and I can proudly say that I made these specific purchases a while back and have used them as a part of my makeup routine for several weeks.

The first product is the ELF  under eye concealer/highlighter duo. I purchased this in mid-December in hopes of trying out a new concealer. After using “Hard Candy’s Glamoflauge” for years, I thought I would dabble into a completely different concealer. I purchased the the shade “Fair/Glow” and was content that I got both an under eye concealer and a highlighter in one! YES! More like NO! The concealer didn’t do anything for my under eye area, and any of the redness on my face like I was hoping. I often had to apply several layers to even cover up the slightest dark circle and blended out streaky. The highlighter fell short of my expectations as well. I live for a super glowy highlighter and normally opt for a white shimmery shadow instead so I was pleased when I saw that the duo came with the white; however it wore off quickly and did not possess any shimmer. I noticed during the application it would leave a noticeable line or dot wherever the highlighter was applied and did not blend out consistently. I felt it look liked I didn’t apply foundation to that area of my face and I was extremely disappointed with this product.

Next up on the list is the Sephora Collection Microsmooth Baked Luminizer in the shade 2 Light Beam. I purchased this in April of 2016 because Highlighters were the on trend need to have thing among the girls I worked with. I was looking for that Nikkitutorials, Gigi Gorgeous glow and strutted into Sephora on that mission. The luminizer I wanted was all sold out, so I opted for the one they had in stock which was Light Beam. I saw good things about it online and said why not? It fell short, waaaaaayyy to short for my liking. I don’t feel the glow, I barely even see the glow. The shimmer is noticeable when first applied, but after I finished my makeup routine, it didn’t even look like I was wearing a highlighter. The forumla felt chalky and dry. I tried to use it with several different types of brushes and found that nothing works to apply it unless I used my fingers. I noticed when swatching with my finger the color is bright, shimmery and I got a substantial amount of payoff but when applied to the face with a brush, its lacking. I was completely dissatisfied with this product. I’ve tried to use it for 10 months and I can’t say its improved at all.

I ran out of foundation last month and opted to bounce back to the Maybelline Fit Me foundation. I used to use this foundation for many years until I switched it up back in 2014. I ended up picking up the shade 112 in the “Normal to Oily” collection and have been disappointed with the product. Normally I wear shade 110 in the “Normal to Dry” line but my local drugstore was sold out, since I still had a little bit of my summer tan I thought “hey just buy the darker shade” Boy was I wrong. It matched my skin to a pretty good degree but the formula is way off. It applied chalky and cakey and I found the coverage to be lacking. I often had to apply more than one layer to achieve the coverage I wanted but with each layer came more and more dryness. It accentuated my fine lines and left my skin feeling extremely heavy. I also found I was breaking out frequently. The formula has a weird chemically-paint smell and has a thick consistency. I’ve been trying to use it but I found the Maybelline Better Skin foundation to be more desirable.

Lastly on my product misses list is the Victoria’s Secret glossy lip oil. First off let me say. Yuck. Secondly let me say yuck again. I picked this product up during SAS in June for $3.00. (Maybe that’s why it was in the clearance bin) Anyway, I thought “Hey a lip oil! thats cool!” As someone who constantly has chapped lips 363 days of the year I could see how this product would benefit me. It didn’t. The first thing that missed the mark on this was the scent. The packaging says “Vanilla Sunrise” my scent receptors says “nail polish and kids lipgloss” there is not one bit of vanilla in this oil and I honestly smell the chemical smell of nail polish with in the bottle. Secondly, the package falls short tremendously. As a lipgloss, lipstick and chapstick user, I expect to be able to pop the cap of and apply. Its not so easy with this product. It features a “rollerball” inside which allows for very little product to be dispensed from the bottle. I have to rub the bottle on my lips for a longer period of time to get any product on my lips or pop the cap off and pour it on to my finger to apply. Thirdly, you have to reapply constantly. I get that its an oil and it will absorb into the lips, but since the packaging is crummy, i’m dumping lip oil onto my fingers to apply it which ends up in greasy plastic smelling hands. I’d much rather grab for my tube of chapstick, than this.


I feel bad having to call out these products for not being on their A-game. I spent my money on something that didn’t perform to my standards.What are your  product misses this month? Anything fall below your expectations? Leave them in a comment below!

e.l.f under eye concealer & highlighter $3.00
Sephora Mircosmooth Baked Luminizer $19.00
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation $10.99
Victoria’s Secret Lip Oil $3.99




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