The V-DAY guide to gifting: Victoria’s Secret

With Valentines day coming up fast, most guys are thinking “What do I get my girl?!” and I get that. Every year us women are thrown into the same category on what to gift as a Valentines Day gift for you too. Unfortunately the day’s of handing out Valentine’s Day cards to our crush’s in their paper plate mail box is only just a memory and its time to buckle down and pick the most appropriate gifts for your boo. Fella’s its easier to shop now, and be less stressed later. For the next few day’s to help you out, I’ve compiled a collection of things your girl will appreciate. So put down those candy underwear and tacky valentines gas station card and listen up.

Today’s gift guide is on Victoria’s Secret.

Lets face it, girls love VS. We do. We love the lacy underthings, the creamy lotions, the flashy bling. If its not adorned with the iconic pink and white stripes, you may as well put it back on the shelf. Fella’s, as an ex-VS employee, our job is to shove as much of this down your throat as possible. However, that’s not how I like to shop, and that’s not how most men like to shop. So lets simplify this for you, and do your shopping before hand so you know how to get in and out without spending over your budget.

First off, know your ladies sizes.I can not stress this enough. There is nothing worse than asking your male customer “What size is she?” and him giving one or two answers. ONE: “Uhhh…I dunno?” and the other being “*Eyes you up and down* About your size, maybe smaller/bigger” Honestly, I’d rather you tell me you don’t know, than to scan my body and compare my size to hers. Its disrespectful to the employee because you could be calling her fat, and its disrespectful to your girlfriend/wife by comparing her figure to another. So that being said, do your research. Do it how you like, but just do it.I’ll give you an example: Ask to wash her laundry or put it away, and take a peek at her tags, she’ll  not only appreciate the gesture, but you’ll have your info. There’s also nothing worse than you making a purchase that doesn’t fit her. A woman has a funny way of thinking about these kinds of things. Buy her something too small, she’ll think she’s fat because she cant fit into it. Buy her something too big, and she’ll think you think shes fat. Its a trap, it really is. So do yourself a favour and stay out of the dog house by looking for her sizes. After you know her sizes, an associate can help you on your way to success. If you prefer to shop alone, then let them know that,they’ll give you their name so that if you need any help, you can go back to them. The associates will try their best to sell you everything and the kitchen sink. Keep in mind that they are not on commission, their work hours are actually determined by how much they sell, so if you don’t want the entire store in your shopping bag, you better pipe up.

Lets get shopping!

I’m going to start off with 3 different types of lingerie. Some women prefer different styles so you wouldn’t want to pick something up that would make her feel uncomfortable.

Some ladies love bustiers, so the Dream Angel’s Lace and Mesh Bustier is a go to option for your lucky lady. This is a fantastically beautiful piece. It skims the curves, and features patterned mesh and  scalloped lace. Sizes: 32BCD,34BCD,36BCD,38BCD and comes in both red and black. *Matching panty sold separately 

Next up is the Very Sexy Pleated Babydoll. Baby dolls help by creating the illusion of more fullness and curves.It features with pretty pleats, a shiny ribbon bow and a matching thong panty. This one comes in sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL and comes colors such as: Black,Ivory,Pinky Cheeks,Cherry,Ensign,Rosy Mauve and Cozumel Teal.

Lastly is the Satin & Lace Low Back slip. Slips make you feel unbelievably glamorous. This one features a low back, crisscross straps and lace details. Its available in XS,S,M,L,XL and comes in Black,Ruby Wine,Winter Rose,Bright Cherry,VS Ivory,and Play Nice Leopard.

Vs offers many more styles and colors of lingerie for you to check out online or in store.

Ladies love their bra’s and Victoria’s Secret makes some top quality ones thats why the company chose the slogan “Best at Bras”. Here is three of the best and most popular selling lines of bras.

The Dream Angel collection is one of my all time favourites, they’re feminine, and feature memory foam padding or lining depending on the version you pick up. I decided to feature the new Dream Angel’s Wicked bra that has just lunched as a go to for Valentines Day. These bras are sized in 32ABCD,DD,DDD 34ABCD,DD,DDD  36ABCD,DD,DDD and 38ABCD,DD,DDD. *colors and styles vary by store. Panty not included

Next is the Very Sexy Strapless lace bustier. This was launched as a part of the Valentines Day collection and come in six-nine different colors. The Very Sexy collection features a gel pushup that warms and molds to the body. These specific bras are excellent for the summer months as they don’t pool sweat. They size from 32ABCD,DD 34ABCD,DD 36ABCD,DD and 38ABCD,DD *colors and styles vary by store. Panty not included

Lastly is the Bombshell push up. This bra is the ultimate in padding, pushing up two cup sizes to give maximum push up. They are often a good choice for those low cut tops, and dresses. They come in 16 different colors and styles including  strapless when your lady just needs a little extra push for that dress. They come in size 32AA,ABCD,DD 34AA,ABCD,DD 36AA,ABCD,DD 38AA,ABCD,DD *colors and styles vary by store. Panty not included

Victoria’s Secret does fragrance, and they often do it well. The beauty department is wonderful and you can find a variety of difference fragrances, lotions, glosses and more inside. I specifically picked these gift sets because they give you the most bang for your buck. VS offers single perfumes for $70-$90 or you can pick up one of these babies and get all three for the same price.

Heavenly is Victoria’s Secret ‘s number one selling fragrance. Its been that way since 1999 and has sold more bottles than any other perfume VS has created. Its gone though some packaging changes over the years and still manages to come out on top. It features quince, cardamom, ivy and mandarin. The heart includes lotus, white peony, freesia, iris and violet. The base contains white musk, sandalwood, orchid and vanilla. If your lady loves a clean fresh scent, Heavenly is the go to for her. If you’re looking to spoil her even more, Victoria’s Secret offers this scent in an exclusive Swarovski bottle valued at $250!

Next is the Bombshell Deluxe Gift set. Which features the 1.7fl oz bottle of perfume,Lotion, Body Wash,Mist and the mini 50ml perfume. Its a $136 value for $90. It features a fruity, aromatic and floral fragrance contains notes of purple passion fruit, Shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid. A fun fact about this specific perfume is that studies have shown, Mosquitoes hate the stuff! As well, Like Heavenly, you can purchase three different Swarovski bottles valued at $250 which come in their own display box, with lock and key.

And then there is Noir Tease, the most popular fragrance among younger VS shoppers. I guarentee your love has this sitting in their perfume collection. Like the Bombshell set it comes with the 1.7fl oz bottle of perfume,Lotion, Body Wash,Mist and the mini 50ml perfume. Its a $136 value for $90. The notes are black vanilla, frozen pear and blooming gardenia.


Victoria’s Secret also offers a line of products called “Fantasies” they are a range of mists, lotions, body washes, and eau du toilettes in a variety of scents. They usually run on a 3/$30 promotion or a 5/$45 which gives you the ability to pick her up several different scents and products to try out.

In the beauty section you’ll also find some fashionable goodies for her. They come anywhere from purses, to makeup cases and they always make a good gift. Here for you I picked some things she might like to have from this section.

The over sized clutch is a perfect go to for that dinner date, its elegant, and can hold everything she needs to go out. It can be dressed up for a more glamorous look or dressed down to give a more casual feel. This clutch comes in pink, black, and hot pink python to accentuate her out fit.

What woman doesn’t want to be a part of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show or a Victoria’s Secret shoot? I know I do, and that’s exactly how she’ll feel when you gift her a Victoria’s Secret Passport cover. We follow the Angels on snap chat and instagram and see them flash us a copy of their boarding pass encased in a beautiful VS passport cover and immediately thing “I WANT ONE!’ Give your leading lady the look and feel of being a real Angel on her was to Mexico, or that road trip to Montreal!

Girls hate carrying clunky purses places. Especially when you ask us to put all your crap in it. Whhhaat? yeah we know you do it. I for one hate carrying a big purse if i’m going out somewhere where i only need to bring like 3 things. This is why crossbody bags are huge! that and for clubbing. Nobody wants to leave their purse unattended when they go to dance and they certainly don’t want to hold it and her drink, so she can wear this bad boy. Like the oversized clutch, she can dress it up and dress it down for both a semi-formal and casual look.


So that’s all she wrote on the VS Valentines Gift guide. Just a few things you could get your leading lady that would warm her heart. Victoria’s Secret has many many many things from clothing to pyjammas to their entire PINK collection that would make excellent gifts. Closer to Valentines Day they often do run a promotion where you get a free item when you spend $75. Sometimes its jewelery, other times high end chocolates. The sky is the limit with VS. You could even pick her up a gift card if you really find shopping hard for her. She would appreciate that you got her really anything so always keep that in mind. Keep an eye out for my other: V-Day gift guides!




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