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Essence Long Lasting Lipstick | Review & Swatches


Looking back at my previous Instagram and Facebook photos and through my lipstick collection I’ve noticed I always gravitate towards the same shades of pink. Which in my mind are all different but that being said, my idea of a pop of color comes from my eye shadow or outfit rather than whats slathered on my lips. I’m usually worried about lipsticks and tend to grab for a gloss more just because in the days of the “Lip Injection” I worry that my lips and lipstick application is only sub-par. I have swatched and swatched lipsticks over and over and always put them back on the shelf for fear of looking ridiculous in today’s trend. I decided to try to venture into the world of lip sticks by picking up some various shades created by Essence Cosmetics. I previously blogged about their eyeliners and since I had great success with it, I thought what better way to indulge than to try out their Long Lasting Lipsticks.

Essences Long Lasting Lipsticks come in various shades  and are numbered according to which shade is which. I believe there are 10 shades if not more in the collection. I currently have 01.Coral Calling 07. Natural Beauty 08. Color Crush 09. Wear Berries and 10. Cotton Candy. I also have 04. On the Catwalk, which is not featured in this post as I have misplaced it.


The packaging for the lipsticks are your typical lipstick tube from any other brand. The tubes themselves are a lot smaller than some brands packaging, but I find that comforting and easy to slide into a small clutch or my pocket if need be.The color is displayed around the tube and again on the bottom of the package, where the number is and the color name.

The formula itself is creamy and non-drying which is something I specifically look for in a lipstick. I’m not a huge fan of matte lip products as I normally have chapped lips and it makes that noticeable.They don’t leave my lips feeling sticky and that I am still able to get a precise application without necessarily having to line my lips with a lip liner beforehand. It usually lasts for 2-3 hours on the lips without having to reapply if I’m not eating or drinking. I find they are very pigmented as well which is awesome for the price point.

Below you can see the shades swatched on my arm

bottom: coral calling, natural beauty, color crush,wear barries, cotton candy

01.Coral Calling


Its really a beautiful shade or orange. I’ve only owned two orange lipsticks in my life and this surpasses the Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids in Electric Orange. Coral Calling is definitely more of a coral than the Electric Orange but I preferred that when  I was looking for a shade that is a little out of my comfort zone. I do enjoy this shade in the summer months.

07. Natural Beauty


Is exactly that, its a natural pinky-nude color that mimics the natural color of my lips. I fell in love with this color immediately after swatching it in store and searched every shoppers drug mart in hopes of finding one. It hones in on my desire to not look like I’m wearing lipstick.

08. Color Crush (Discontinued Online)


Is a very bright pink similar to Cotton Candy. This lipstick is a darker more orangey shade of that “Barbie” pink that adds a pop of color to the lips. Unfortunately this shade is discontinued according to the website, but I believe it can still be purchased in store.

09. Wear Berries


Wear Berries is the pinky, purple nude shade similar to “Natural Beauty” It mimics the natural lip color only a little more purple in color. This is one of my favourite shades and is usually a staple in my collection.

10. Cotton Candy.(Discontinued Online)


Cotton candy is the cotton candy of lipsticks. Its not that light baby pink you’re thinking, its more of the vibrant in your face pink similar to color crush. This is a brighter version of Color Crush and unfortunately I believe has been discontinued online as well.

All in all I think these are fabulous lipsticks for the price point that they are sold at. You can pick up several shades for under $15 to try out if you’re looking to add some pop of color to the upcoming spring season. I would also recommend these if you- like me are new to lipsticks and just beginning to start a collection!

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick $2.99US/$3.99CDN can be purchased online at or in store at Shoppers Drug Mart or Superstore locations.




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