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Work-what? out? okay…

I think what you’re thinking. Working out. Bleh. Why? Yuck. And I completely agree 100% with you. I hate working out. I hate getting up and going to a sweaty gym where there’s strange people staring at me. I’m uncomfortable, I feel I jiggle when I run, theres that super fit girl in the corner who’s totally sizing me soft doughy body up because I don’t look perfect like her. Yeah it sucks, but with every workout there is an accomplishment waiting to happen.

I’ve had my gym membership for 6 months now. That being said the first time I went to the gym was on Wednesday. Not joking. I did 30 minutes of stationary biking, walked the track a few times, and did some stair climbing (I climbed 20 flights) and called it quits for the day. As much as I hated going, I honestly felt a lot better after I did. I didn’t feel as lethargic and I felt a little stronger afterwards. I decided to do an experiment today which involved staying home. I noted the differences in my mood, activity level, sleep quality, and overall feeling. After my workout on Wednesday I noticed I wasn’t as tired as I normally am during the day, I was happy and engaged throughout the day. I completed several tasks on my to do list and found myself to fall asleep and stay asleep. As for Thursday I woke up at my normal time, I stayed home, applied for some jobs. My overall mood was low. I felt bloated, tired and found myself in a very depressed mood, resulting in a fit of tears late in the evening. I ended up napping during the day and awoke feeling worse than I did before. As I sit and type this, I’m still awake and its 1am. The differences I’ve noticed may or may not have to do with my workout, which I will be continuing tomorrow and noting to see if the change in my behavior correlates to my activity.


I’ve decided to continue doing my 30 minute stationary bike routine and keep my an eye on my results.. I’m not much of a treadmill fan, nor do I enjoy running so I believe the bike is my best bet for my cardio work out. I’ve also Incorporated a little bit of floor work, and with the help of Chris, learning how to properly weight train.A girls gotta lift a stretcher one day!





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