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My favourite product this week

Picking a favourite makeup product is hard, but even harder is making sure you’re applying it in the most flattering way possible. Since its officially Friday, this weeks favourite product goes to something old, tried and true to me. The Essence waterproof liquid liner.


This liner has actually been my go to liquid liner for several years now. I believe I picked up my first bottle back in 2013 when I just couldn’t justify spending $28 on Kat Von D that month. I ended up picking this gal up from Shoppers Drug Mart for a minuscule of the price. I think it was $2.99 all those years ago. Flash forward to 2017, and it still a staple in my makeup bag for a multitude of reasons. Lets get into it!

  1. Its completely waterproof.

I have swam, showered, cried and slept in this liner, and its never budged from my face.The only time I find myself reapplying is if on occasion my false eyelash falls off, which is mainly due to the fact the liner grabs on to the glue I’ve applied. Take off is easy with makeup remover wipes or cotton pads with remover on them.

2. Packaging

I think the packaging is pretty good and they’ve changed the shape of the bottle as the years have gone by. I am pleased with the sponge tip applicator that the lid features, however I think this is where manufacturing needs a little improvement. Every time I purchase a bottle my sponge tip is always a different size. Sometimes they range from really thick to really thin, and are often lumpy looking. I prefer the thinner tips as they give a sharper wing to my liner and will often save the empty bottle just in case my new bottle has the chunky tip.


3. Price

Essence is known for some awesome price points and this liner falls into one of them. In the recent years the liner has gone up a few nickles but it still remains in the under $5 category. $3.99 is a steal of a deal! If you’re looking to pick up an awesome product and don’t want to break the bank, definitely give this a try.


Overall, I believe Essence hit it out of the park with this formula. I’ve been avidly using it for years now, everyday and have fallen in love with everything. There could be some improvements to the packaging but for the price and the quality, it really doesn’t make that big of a deal. I do recommend picking this up if you’re on a budget, or even if you’re travelling and need a liner on the go. An easy $3.99 for a quick touch up.




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