Daily Life

Daily Life: Blackhawks vs Oilers

I went to my first hockey game yesterday! Actually I surprised Christopher with the tickets to the Oilers vs. Blackhawks game at Rogers Place. to say Chris was pleasantly surprised was an understatement as he showed up to my house decked out in his Blackhawks swag.screenshot_2016-11-21-23-07-18

I ended up getting us tickets in section 213 row 8 which weren’t half bad seats at all, you could definitely see the entire rink. It was Chris’ first Blackhawks game and my first hockey game and I was glad I got to experience it with him. Unfortunately his team couldn’t come back from the 0-3 in the third period and ended up finishing the game with a loss of 0-5. The thing that honestly bugged me was the amount of shade being thrown by Oilers fans after the game when we were walking to the restaurant from the arena.  Salty Danielle ended up coming out, not because of the loss, but because of how rude Oilers fans are. Its not really about who wins or loses, its how you played the game. I understand Oilers fans have been a little blueballed from their total lack of cups, but realistically, that doesn’t mean they have to be ass holes.



All in all I was very happy to have attended the game and it truly did spark a little interest in hockey for me. I definitely would go again and of course it was wonderful to see Chris light up from it.


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