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What’s Cookin’: Sugar Cookies



Today’s adventure was making cookies. after an debate over what type of cookies to make Chris and I decided on Sugar Cookies. Naturally I had to ask my sister who has her own business (themuffintopbakeshop) for a recipe.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like making cookies because it often turns into an all-day affair. I’d rather just mix them up and get them baked, and that’s exactly what we did with this. It took approximately 40 minutes and we came out with about 36 cookies.

I also changed up the recipe a little bit just to deviate away from my sisters so I could share it without exploiting her business for free. Just some minor changes were made but it doesn’t affect the overall taste of the cookie!


2 cups of sugar

1 cup of butter

3 eggs

6 tbs of milk

5 cups of flour

5 tsp of baking powder


Pretty simple I would say, Chris was in charge of all the measurements, however we almost had another salty food fiasco which would have been a disaster. I asked him twice if the butter he used was salted or unsalted, the first time he said salted, the second time he said unsalted. I almost added salt to the dough when he then changed his mind and said “NO I SAID SALTED!” Salt and Chris is not a good combination.


In a large mixing bowl cream butter, sugar, eggs and milk together.

In a separate bowl mix flour, baking powder together.

Slowly add the flour mixture to the egg mixture until dough forms. The dough will be sticky as you mix it


You’ll definitely have to flour the surface to roll the cookis out as the dough is pretty sticky. As you continue to cut cookies and roll out the dough the flour will get mixed in.


Unfortunately we didn’t have any cookie cutters since Chris’s mom threw them out so we used a drinking glass to cut our cookies. We made our about 1/2 an inch thick so they would stay puffy and cooked them for exactly 10 minutes. It’s important not to leave them in longer than 10 minutes or they’ll become hard.


And there you have it! Sugar cookies! super simple,  super tasty. Chris’s dad even liked them and he normally doesn’t like sugar cookies. We decided not to ice them but rather sprinkle sugar on hem before baking. Personally I think a cream cheese frosting would be delicious on them!



Also i’d like to shamelessly plug my sisters bakery  Please visit it and take a read. She makes some awesome desserts, also if you’re in the edmonton area and need some baked goods you surely won’t be disappointed!


What’s your favourite cookie? leave it in the comments!


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