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Health and Fitness: So it begins


Sitting in Dairy Queen on Monday afternoon Chris turns to me as he raises a goopy soon of “Strawberry CheeseQuake” blizzard into his mouth and says “I think I’m quitting dairy again”

Back Story needed? Probably. Here you go.

Chris was dating this girl who told him what to eat and when to eat it. This included dairy products. So, because he was trying to keep his lady happy and fears a drop in testosterone levels and becoming fat, he cut out all dairy products from his diet. Well the backlash finally caught up to him everytime he consumes dairy products now. Reminding him to take lactose pills before he eats is just as bad as reminding him to take his contacts out before bed. I personally think its all in his head.

Back story complete.

Anyway, lately he’s felt that he’s gained a substancial amount of weight which I feel he hasn’t at all—which is my humble and honest opinion. So we began discussing our eating habits and what steps we were going to take to be healthier individuals. We’re starting off with cutting out all fast food options, whether it be breakfast,lunch or dinner. Since we often grab a bite to eat when we are out. In the last month or so I think Chris has eaten at Mcdonalds at least half the month because he was trying to win a car! Not much you can do with a car when you can barely fit inside of it after eating all that garbage. We decided this over lunch at Boston Pizza on Tuesday where I delightfully declined french fries and opted for a salad.

My biggest weakness is candy and Ice Capps. I think I’ve drank an Ice Capp a day for the last three months. Honestly at $2.95 a piece I probably could have saved that money for more productive things, let alone the amount of sugar and garbage I’ve put into my body. I’ve cut them out entirely over the last two weeks and I’ve noticed a big change, I’m tired all the time! The coffee really adds up in your system. I’ve cut out soda for a good portion and have opted for water or juice more. I know juice isn’t the greatest either but I love my cranberry juice and if you try to take it away you’ll be on my list. I’m trying to eat breakfast every morning and bring a lunch to work. There’s not much I can do about dinner though, I often eat my dinner at 10:30 at night when I get home which is really bad for the body. My mom always cooks dinner at 5-6ish when i’m at work so I don’t normally eat until I get home. I’m trying to fix that though, I think maybe if I pack a lunch and then eat dinner for lunch the next day and so on and so forth. Except today, I packed a lunch for work and I completely forgot it in the fridge with my waterbottle. As I type this i’m drinking a bottle of luke warm water I bought on sunday. :/

I also picked up my gym membership finally. The city gives lower income individuals free passes to the cities leisure centres and activities. I’ve been putting off my membership since I recieved it in August. Starting tomorrow after work I hope to hit the gym 3 days a week. Chris also said he was going to get a membership through the city as well so we could go together and work on this whole thing together. Relationships are a team, and its hard to focus on something when the other person is waving a bag of cheetoes in your face. The first step is to take that step and we’re going to do it together. Just imagine how attractive I’d be if a took care of my body….just imagine! It takes 21 days to make or break a habit so as long as we can hold out for 21 days we’ll be golden!

Oh…and before I go, Chris…..If you keep the big things in check (sleep, sex, exercise, macronutrient ratios, and good amount of vitamins & minerals) drinking full-fat milk from pregnant-cows is not going to ‘destroy’ you hormonally, (though that will be precisely what the fear-mongering alt-med community and your crazy ex girlfriend was pushing with the new trending hashtag #DitchDairy…


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