Daily Life

Daily Life: Halloween 2016

So for many people Halloween means dressing up, candy, etc etc.  While I can appreciate a good cat costume, I decided to take this Halloween to do somethings that I would genuinely enjoy rather than dawning some lingerie and cat ears and hitting the local bars.
Chris and I carved our pumpkins earlier in the week so we’d have time to do other things with each other, Of course after getting pumpkin guts and seeds all over the place I royally screwed up my pumpkins eye, If you look carefully you can see how there is a wooden skewer holding his eye in place in two separate places! Thank you to my lovely boyfriend for whittling down a skewer with a pairing knife so it was small enough to hold it together! Chris’s pumpkin turned out incredible, honestly, out of the two of us, his was by far the better pumpkin!


Costume wise we decided to do a couple’s costume and by we I mean Chris. He decided on Little Red Riding hood and the Big Bad Wolf. It was quite the scene watching Chris move from house to house because he could barely see in the costume almost falling down the stairs several times. I was called Goldielocks a few times and Chris was called a bear more than I could count but people did enjoy our costumes to say the least.

We also decided this year that instead of going to a bar or sitting around the house we’d go trick or treating. I know what you’re thinking “Arent you a little old for trick or treating???” Well funny you should say something because I don’t care what you have to say. It was a lot of fun to say the least. We grabbed our pillow cases and started at about 7:30 and finished up around 8:45, I think we probably hit around 50 houses or so which wasn’t bad at all, and we got a butt load of candy. The fun thing about trick or treating is that you always get a variety of candy vs buying a box of candy where you get the same three kinds of chocolate. Needless to say we’ll both have enough candy to last us till our Christmas stockings.

All in all I think it was a wonderful Halloween and I’m very lucky to have spent it with someone I care about doing something we both hadn’t done for a while. Especially finishing off the night by crawling into bed at 9:30 and eating candy until our tummies hurt.


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