Daily Life: Happy Birthday!



Today I officially turned 23! Normally I’m never excited for my birthday, but today was actually one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had since I became an adult.  First off I worked as the piercing princess at work so I got to dress up as a princess of course! I also got a free gift from Sephora as well as a birthday frap from Starbucks!

The highlight of my day though was meeting this lovely for the first time. 14063157_298166660549828_1488735951_n

Prior to my birthday I started talking to Christopher but it wasn’t till this evening where I got to officially meet him. He took me to La Ronde, which is the revolving restaurant here in Edmonton. It was amazing to say the least. The restaurant was beautiful and the server we had provided excellent service. Chris ended up deciding on this really adorable dinner for two where we shared some icky champagne. We ended up washing that champagne down with a drink called “Revenge” which tasted just like bananas and then most adorable  drink that tasted like fuzzy peaches which we had to share it cheek to cheek!


We also shared a meat and cheese platter featuring rabbit of all things! It was my first time trying rabbit and I can officially say that its not for me! After that the server brought us blackberry sorbet to cleanse our pallet for our main course. I ended up having roasted chicken and seasonal vegetables while Chris had the steak which was also exceptional. To finish off the meal we shared mango cheese cake and some coffee.

Afterwards we walked down Jasper ave together and caught a cab back to his house. We ended up watching Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island which is the only scooby-doo movie I am honestly terrified of haha! All in all it was an extremely romantic evening and he is honestly such a gentleman. I was very very lucky to have gone on a date with him as well as celebrate my birthday with!


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