The V-DAY guide to gifting: Victoria’s Secret

With Valentines day coming up fast, most guys are thinking “What do I get my girl?!” and I get that. Every year us women are thrown into the same category on what to gift as a Valentines Day gift for you too. Unfortunately the day’s of handing out Valentine’s Day cards to our crush’s in… Continue reading The V-DAY guide to gifting: Victoria’s Secret

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How to: Wash Makeup Brushes

  Dreadful. The moment you notice “I need to wash my makeup brushes” I’m notorious for using the same dirty makeup brushes day in and day out without washing them. I know I know. BAD DANIELLE! Those brushes are littered with bacteria, old makeup, and who else really knows. So today’s post is about how… Continue reading How to: Wash Makeup Brushes

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Essence Long Lasting Lipstick | Review & Swatches

Looking back at my previous Instagram and Facebook photos and through my lipstick collection I’ve noticed I always gravitate towards the same shades of pink. Which in my mind are all different but that being said, my idea of a pop of color comes from my eye shadow or outfit rather than whats slathered on… Continue reading Essence Long Lasting Lipstick | Review & Swatches

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Work-what? out? okay…

I think what you’re thinking. Working out. Bleh. Why? Yuck. And I completely agree 100% with you. I hate working out. I hate getting up and going to a sweaty gym where there’s strange people staring at me. I’m uncomfortable, I feel I jiggle when I run, theres that super fit girl in the corner… Continue reading Work-what? out? okay…